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Member Artists: Eastern United States (E-J)

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Mary Erickson   
Marshville, North Carolina, USA

A professional artist since 1993, Mary Erickson maintains studios in Venice, Florida and Marshville, North Carolina. Her passion for the environment, her strive for artistic excellence, and her work ethic make her one of the most sought after landscape painters in the country. She travels extensively throughout the United States and abroad, painting “plein air” and recording the moments before her on canvas. Those studies are the inspiration for larger works created in the studio. Her paintings are represented in several fine art galleries from Newport, Rhode Island to Naples, Florida. Erickson’s work is collected throughout the United States and Europe. “The experience of working outdoors from life is one that cannot be replaced for the landscape painter.”- Mary Erickson

Mary’s North Carolina residence, High Ridge Gardens (, is a 39 acre preserve listed on the North Carolina Birding Trail. It is slated to be left for future generations as an artist retreat and bird sanctuary.

Painting by Mary Erickson

"Off the Beaten Path"
12x9in, Oil on linen (plein air)

Painting by Mary Erickson

"Childhood Memories"
30x30in, Oil on linen

Elisabeth Ferber   
Orlando, Florida, USA

Elisabeth Ferber was born in Bellville, Illinois but spent most of her adult life in Central Florida.  Born of artistic parents and having spent much of her childhood in Europe, Elisabeth was exposed to a very classical art background which in turn influenced her current style. 
"My artwork can best be described as 'classical representational'.  I do not seek to change what is, but to paint it and present it in such a way as to evoke a feeling of place and time.  I strive to create a painting that shows the beauty and character of the animal, landscape  or object.    
In addition to participating in Plein Air events and exhibits, I also teach workshops to beginner and intermediate artists or anyone wishing to learn to paint or improve their skills."

Painting by Elisabeth Ferber

"Gemini Springs"
12x12in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Elisabeth Ferber

"Knarly Oak"
12x24in, Oil on canvas

Paula Ann Ford   
Jasper, Tennessee, USA

Paula Ann Ford is an artist with a profound love of the American landscape. She paints in soft pastels and has recently begun painting in oils.  Paula paints mostly in her studio, but often paints en plein air as well.
“Pastels are my outlet, my sanctuary; my soul comes pouring out into my paintings. I think of nothing else when painting except making a beautiful place to go.  The places I create are free of fear and harm and are places to sit, dream, contemplate, and smell the fresh air. These places are made for you to lay out a blanket and just daydream the day away, or just walk through with no cares. There is only love in them because love created them. My hope is for you to experience happiness and serenity when viewing my paintings as a beautiful place to be. ~~~Paula Ann Ford”

Paula has been a Guide in the Pastel Forum of for several years and teaches workshops throughout the United States.

Painting by Paula Ann Ford

"Wenatchee River"
12x12in, Soft pastels on Pastelbord

Painting by Paula Ann Ford

"Blue Boat"
12x12in, Soft pastels on Colorfix paper

Ginger Frederick   
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I am a working artist and gallery owner of Frederick Galleries in Milwaukee, WI. I am a colorist/impressionist. I am inspired by the way light hits an object - (Renaissance technique, "Chiaroscuro"). My technique is painterly with soft edges, working with temperature of color. I studied at the Art Students League of New York and was presented the Joseph Hirsch Merit Scholarship Award. I had a painting accepted at the Saitama Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, Japan. I am represented by Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City. I am accepted in the Florence Biennale - 7th International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy. I am a member of the Oil Painters of America and the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society. I have had my paintings published in the Art of the West and Southwest Art magazine.

Painting by Ginger Frederick

"Wisconsin Landscape"
12.5x14.5in, Oil on board

Painting by Ginger Frederick

"Sweeping Siesta"
24x30in, Acrylic

Karen Burnette Garner   
Dacula, Georgia, USA

"Karen Burnette Garner is a native of Georgia and has painted professionally for over 30 years.

Her impressionist landscapes are her signature, portraying rocky New England coastlines, pastoral Pennsylvania farmland, and Southern lowcountry, specifically the Charleston, SC area, where she is avidly collected. Works by Karen Burnette Garner are included in collections throughout the US and worldwide. She has been featured in Creative Loafing magazine, Carolina Arts, Gwinnett Magazine, and has appeared on television as an advocate of creative living and artistic expression. Ms. Garner continues to speak publicly on art related subjects and creative lifestyles, while producing awarded paintings. She is also a published artist and published, award-winning poet."


Painting by Karen Burnette Garner

"Afternoon Shade"
12x24in, Acrylic on canvas


Painting by Karen Burnette Garner

20x24in, Acrylic on canvas

Susan Nicholas Gephart   
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA

Susan Nicholas Gephart, a 1979 BFA graduate of PSU, has been painting award winning landscapes “Plein Air” thirty years. Susan’s deep appreciation of the earth is seen in her colorful, impressionistic pastels and oils. She has shown with The Pastel Society of America, The Art of the State of Pennsylvania, and is in the permanent collection of The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.  Susan and her father Thomas Nicholas will have a retrospective entitled, “Landscape Passages,” at SAMA, in Loretto, PA, through June ’07. Susan organizes artist retreats at Hameau Farm Studio in Belleville, PA.

“Focusing on the landscape, my goal is to capture the beauty of our fragile earth and convey a message of importance. Keeping my mind’s eye open for unique, electric reactions in pastels and oils continues to excite and rejuvenate my ongoing love of painting Sky, Water, and Earth.”

Painting by Suasan Nicholas Gephart

"Winter Light"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Susan Nicholas Gephart

"Shimmering Light"
9x15in, Pastel on Blue Canson Paper

Anne H. Goldberg   
Fair Haven, New Jersey, USA

Anne H. Goldberg is a graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she taught Saturday classes in drawing and painting as well as exhibited her work. As a
working artist, Anne enjoys painting on location the local scenes near her home at the Jersey Shore as well as the autumn colors of Nantucket Island each fall.

Anne is an exhibiting member of the Guild of Creative Art and the Art Alliance
of Monmouth County. She has exhibited her work at The Guild of Creative Art, The Art
Alliance, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, The University of the Arts, and The Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, N.J. She has been a teacher at The Guild of Creative Art since 1995.

Painting by Anne Goldberg

"Beach Days"
32x38in, Oil

Painting by Anne Goldberg

"Labor Day"
30x36in, Oil

Mary Hagy   
Bardstown, Kentucky, USA

Mary Hagy is a native Kentuckian born in 1950 and has been a full time painter for 30 years. One of the regions most collected artists; her first print release in 1981 of an edition of 2,000 was a 3 month sellout. She works exclusively in oils and is widely recognized for her luminous bucolic landscapes often featuring water. Collectors are captivated by her love of detail, with some paintings taking months to complete. Her innate understanding of light, atmosphere and space has lead to the creation of a classic, timeless body of work.

 Ms. Hagy is a member of Oil Painters of America, numerous regional groups and a charter member of The National Museum of Women in the Arts. She has been juried into the International Salon of Contemporary Masters Show and other prestigious exhibitions, is a popular speaker for various clubs and supports many charities through the donations of her award-winning art.

Painting by Mary Hagy

"The Reflections of Summer"
24x36in, Oil on linen

Painting by Mary Hagy

"The Colors of Winter"
48x36in, Oil on canvas

Ann Hair   
Cary, North Carolina, USA

After careers in advertising, graphics, interior design and teaching, Ann Hair focused on painting to express the nagging creative urge that itched to get out. It revealed itself as her passion. Painting en plein air pushes her to capture a fleeting moment in time bringing energy, freshness and excitement to her work. Although she draws her palette from nature, tweaking the colors adds to the excitement. Fascinated by the mood created by the ever changing light on the North Carolina landscape, she is always looking for her next painting.

Hair is a founding member of PAINTNC, a NC based pleinair group and her work will soon appear in a pleinair painting book "Painting North Carolina". The award-winning artist is represented by Spectrum Gallery, Wilmington, NC, Wade Design, Rocky Mount, NC and her work is in collections internationally.

Painting by Ann Hair

"The South End of the Beach"
16x20in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Ann Hair

"Clouds Over the Intracoastal"
12x24in, Oil on panel


Jean Hanna   
Georgetown, South Carolina, USA



Varvara Harmon   
Windham, Maine, USA

Varvara specializes in landscape, seascape and still life paintings, also she paints portraits of people, pets and homes. Reflecting her deep passion for her art, Varvara works in oil, acrylics, watercolors, ink, pencil and painting on silk. She's comfortable in doing both large painting and miniatures, and also does commissioned work.

Varvara has received numerous awards for her paintings and has been juried into many international and national exhibitions. Her art work is in private collections worldwide. She is a member of the International Guild of Realism, the Oil Painters of America and Maine Women in the Arts.

Painting by Varvara Harmon

"Golden Clouds"
24x36in, Acrylic on canvas

Painting by Varvara Harmon

"Birch Trees on Long Lake"
16x20in, Watercolor on paper

Victoria Harvey   
Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

“For me, as an artist, the landscape has always spoken of the renewing experience of closeness to nature and reflective solitude.  My main work has been to interpret on canvas the color and light of those fleeting hours spent in the natural world”

Victoria Harvey works in oil on canvas, painting en pleine aire and in the studio with a traditional and painterly technique and a strong sensitivity to color and light. She received her formal education in painting at the Arkansas Arts Center, a small fine-arts conservatory founded by then Governor and Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller, who became major patrons of her early career.

She lives and works on Nantucket, an island off of Cape Cod, and her work is represented in collections nationwide.  A member of Oil Painters of America and the Artists Association of Nantucket, she teaches plein air painting in the summer months.

Painting by Victoria Harvey

"Tulip Trees on Nantucket Island"
12x16in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Victoria Harvey

"Minding the Flock"
18x24in, Oil on canvas

Sandee Hazelbaker   
Nashville, Indiana, USA

Sandee Hazelbaker studied under a few well-known Cincinnati artists but is mostly self-taught and now her oil impressionistic work hangs in collections throughout the United States. Sandee's artistic career started when she began teaching in her studio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sandee has received awards for her impressionistic art as well as her realistic paintings and has been juried into shows both national and international.

Now living in Nashville, Indiana Sandee is a member of The Brown County Art Gallery, The Brown County Art Guild, The Brown County Art Alliance, The Hoosier Salon, The Indiana Heritage Arts, and the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association. Sandee's oil paintings are currently on exhibit at the Brown County Art Gallery, and her own Cabin Ridge Studio & Gallery.

Painting by Sandee Hazelbaker

"The Road Home"
14x11in, Oil on linen

Painting by Sandee Hazelbaker

"Mood Indigo"
16x20in, Oil on linen

Catherine Hearding   
Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA

Catherine Hearding is an award winning watercolor artist who lives near St. Paul, MN. She is a signature member of the Minnesota Watercolor Society and teaches courses in color theory, conducts workshops and teaches private students in her studio.  

Her goal in painting is to portray the beauty of the ordinary. She wants her viewers to see their surroundings from a different perspective, to feel the shapes as light hits the form and describes it, to see colors they might not expect. Snow is a subject that she enjoys painting because it is all about form and light and color. Color and light are intertwined and affect how we see the landscape. She creates a strong abstract design in her paintings by using shadows or by focusing in closely on a subject and cropping tightly, drawing the viewer into the painting. Color and light help to set the mood for the finished piece.

Painting by Catherine Hearding

18x28in, Watercolor on paper

Painting by Catherine Hearding

"A Walk in the Woods"
25x21in, Watercolor on paper

Brenda Hofreiter   
Winter Park, Florida, USA

Brenda Hofreiter is a fourth-generation Floridian. It was during her Fellowship at Crealde' School of Art that she discovered her passion for plein air painting. Brenda says, "I love the natural world and painting landscapes from life is a perfect fit for my artistic nature. Witnessing how the sun transforms the world is a constant joy, and capturing the changing light in paint is certainly never boring!"

Her plein air oil paintings have been accepted and won awards in numerous local, regional and national juried shows. Brenda has been selected as Artist in Residence in State Parks in Georgia, South Carolina and Florida and her plein air oil paintings are included in their permanent collections. Brenda holds Signature Memberships with Plein Air Florida, The American Impressionist Society, and International Plein Air Painters. She is an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America and the Society of Master Impressionists.

Painting by Brenda Hofreiter

"Boathouse - Cypress Grove Park"
22x28in, plein air oil on canvas

Painting by Brenda Hofreiter

"Early Morning Wetlands"
24x36in, plein air oil on canvas

Linda Holmes   
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

PAinting by Linda Holmes


Painting by Linda Holmes


Jaime Howard
Jacksonville, Florida, USA



M. Curtis Ingraham   
Stafford, Virginia, USA

The artist's landscapes are in the manner of the American Heroic tradition - that of George Inness, and the Hudson River school.    A beauty wild but benign, where man may carve out his existence with the permission of nature and the Divine. Indeed the Divine traits in nature are the inspiration of this school of painting.   

The great eastern rivers, fields, mountains, and vistas are frequently portrayed by the artist.  The artist also often includes landscape as background in his portrait paintings.


Painting by M. Curtis Ingraham

"Great Falls of the Potomac"
24x48in, Oil on board

Painting by M. Curtic Ingraham

"Golden Composition"
14x18in, Oil on board

L. Diane Johnson   
Cary, North Carolina, USA

Painted in the revered plein-air tradition on location in the U.S. and Europe, Johnson's works capture the elegance and intimacy of the land providing a personal respite from daily pressures. They authentically portray real locations and moments in time, and have proven to be a solid investment in corporate and private collections worldwide. This native of New Jersey has instructed plein-air for over 20 years, and was the Founding Editor of Plein Air Magazine. Among her signature memberships: Pastel Society of America, International Society of Acrylic Painters and Plein Air Painters of Hawaii, and honorary member of the International Plein Air Painters.
"My passion is painting on location to capture the life and movement of whatever the subject is before me. There is just no better way to paint the living landscape than through direct observation; whether of sun-washed trees or rain clouds over a meandering river."

acrylic painting by L Diane Johnson

"Spring Festival", en plein air
24x18in, Acrylic on Linen


acrylic painting by L Diane Johnson

"Spring in Giverny"
20x30in, Acrylic on Linen



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