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Member Artists: United Kingdom and Ireland

Julie Bell  
Fife, Scotland

I live and work in North Queensferry (home of the famous Forth Bridge), a small coastal village in Fife, Scotland.

I primarily paint in oils, but have a mass of drawings and paintings in all mediums.  My aim as a landscape artist is to create paintings with an accurate mood and atmosphere. 
I graduated from Edinburgh’s Telford College (1996), where I studied Illustration and Media Design. I worked as a Graphic Designer in the Education Sector for a number of years before re-discovering a love of painting while on a sabbatical in New Zealand (2005).  In 2008, I graduated with a BA in Art History.

I am currently creating a series of paintings inspired by my surroundings in Fife.

Painting by Julie Bell

"Shags at the Straun"
Mixed media

Painting by Julie Bell

"Summer Mill Pond"
20x20cm, Oil on canvas

Mike Bell  
Northumberland, England

Mike works in mixed media, using many materials to create a strong textured layed surface on the canvas. Inspirations mainly come from the wild Northumbrian coast where he lived for 25 years & now from its wild Borders region of hills, lakes, dales & wild Moorland. Mike says “The land of Far horizons”, Northumberland, has light which enhances the tactile quality of the landscape no matter what the season.

Texture, light, & the effect of man on the  natural environment are the main sources for his current work.

Born in Newcastle, England  1942.
Dip AD [Hons] Sunderland College of Art & Design 1962-66.
Awarded Queens Award   Student Scholarship to Italy 1965.

After teaching & Lecturing  for 30 years , Mike took early retirement  to concentrate on his painting . He has exhibited in Galleries throughout the UK, also in Hamburg & Leipzig.

Painting by Mike Bell

"Low Tide Beach Rhythms and Textures"
50x50cm, mixed media

Painting by Mike Bell

"Winter Rhythms and Textures Series - Redesdale"
70x70cm, mixed media

Ken Bushe   Charter Member
Broughty Ferry, Scotland

My aim is to interpret the outdoor environment in whatever way suggests itself when I am present in it. My starting point is always the actual scene at a specific time, and I tend to focus on elements within a landscape that are constantly changing like the sky and light, or movement in water to make a statement about this one moment.

My interest in building a web site initially arose from a strong desire to actively represent myself as an artist through the “new” medium of the internet rather than the traditional, more passive route of relying on artist’s agents, galleries, or fate. What started as an experiment is now established and I intend to continue representing myself in this way as the internet becomes increasingly accepted as a gateway to viewing and purchasing art.

"Scotcraig Breaker"
16x18in, Oil on canvas

"Falls at Reekie Linn"
30x36in, Oil on canvas

Chris Chalk  
Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales

As a child growing up on a farm in West Wales Chris was always very interested in art of all kinds and enjoyed drawing and painting as far back as he can remember. In 1981 he attended a youth art/drawing course at the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust which fuelled his passion further. As he grew up and left school however life got in the way of his painting and he didn’t pick up a brush seriously again until 2004 on returning to Wales from Australia, where he had been living for five years.

Chris Chalk now lives and works as a professional artist in Pembrokeshire in West Wales. Painting in oils he paints a variety of subjects including portraits, pet portraits and wildlife, but his main passion it the beautiful Welsh landscape.

Painting by Chris Chalk

"Fishguard Harbor"
24x18in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Chris Chalk

"Doethie Valley from Ty'n cornel - Cambrian mountains"
12x16in, Oil on canvas

Patricia Cottew  
Atrincham, Cheshire, England





Angela Drysdale
Fife, Scotland

"The true artist, searching for new expressions, will find them in abundance on the face of Africa where the exquisite beauty and peace of great open sun-kissed spaces abound, contrasting with a turmoil-laden land where primordial life commenced." Monty Brown

Angela comes from Austria and after living in Sweden, Germany, CAR, East Africa and Myanmar (Burma) she now resides in Scotland. After a commercial education she attended art-schools and works in Oil, Pastel, Watercolour, Pencil and Charcoal. First-hand experiences of deep jungle, vast grasslands, open plains and bush savannah inspired her to extend her colour palette in an expressionistic style. The barren regions of the Sahara, Kalahari and Namib deserts, in contrast to the lush green areas of the Okavango Delta and the serene game filled plains of the Serengeti assisted to produce her portfolio.

Painting by Angela Drysdale

"Crater Gold"
19x25in, Pastel on board

Painting by Angela Drysdale

"Serengeti Awakes"
18x26in, Pastel on paper

C. C. G. Edwards 
Dorset, England

I have painted landscapes and non-figurative ideas for fifty years and have been exhibited by innumerable galleries including the Paris Salon, RoyalAcademy and Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Trained in the studio of a professional landscape painter of the NorwichSchool who was himself the product of Slade training before the First World War, I became heir to techniques and attitudes directly traceable to Constable. It was at the great 1991 Tate exhibition that this became directly apparent to me. By an odd co-incidence I have painted another Stour valley these forty years so far.

Locations that feature strongly in my work are Epping Forest and the RodingValley in Essex and the Dorset Stour and its mills between Hinton-St Mary and Shillingstone.

Painting by Clive Edwards

"Autumn Mist"
24x36in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Clive Edwards

"Bluebell Time"
11x7.5in, Oil on panel

Margaret Evans   Charter Member
Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland

Margaret Evans is one of the UK's leading art tutors, and holds numerous workshops & painting holidays around the world. She is a fully qualified graduate of Glasgow School of Art, DA, and teaching graduate of London University, ATC.

Renowned internationally for her pastel work she also tutors watercolours, oils and other media, she is internationally known for her portraits in oil and pastel. She is the pastel advisor and past President of the Society of All Artists (SAA). Her numerous teaching videos and DVDs are available worldwide. She has written articles for mainstream art magazines in Britain and overseas, as well as 'Italy' Magazine, and books e.g. "Painting Figures & Animals With Confidence" published by David & Charles and "Flowers in Pastel" by Search Press.

"Loch Tulla"
12x16in, Gouache and pastel

"Red Boats Burano"
12x12in, Pastel

Graham Findlay  
Biddenden, Kent, England





Annabel Greenhalgh   Charter Member
Narberth, Wales

Annabel Greenhalgh was born on the Wirral in 1955 and now enjoys the rural isolation of the cottage she shares with her partner in Pembrokeshire. Here, she is surrounded by beautiful countryside within easy reach of the sea and wonderfully wild Preseli Hills. In Pembrokeshire, being surrounded by beautiful beaches and countryside, it is easy to see where her inspiration comes from.

"I hope to convey, through my landscapes, the thrill and foreboding of an impending storm, the beach in solitary stillness, the memories of bluebell paths, the sheer joy and wealth of fulfilment to be found in the world around us."

Annabel's paintings are available at various galleries and also from The Greenhalgh Studio.

"Sun and Sand"
12x11in, Pastel on board

"Cader Idris"
11.5x19in, Pastel on board

Rosemary Hale  
Billington Bank, Stafford, England

Rosemary is passionate about painting wilderness subjects and travels to remote parts of the world in her quest to find subjects not yet tainted by man’s influence. Her current project is the Arctic following an expedition to Svalbard earlier this year.

Her watercolours in particular, are sensitive, atmospheric and subtle, depicting the natural world as she sees it. The love she feels for her subject shines out in her paintings which emanate beauty and light. Several years ago, Rosemary discovered a love for teaching art, and she is now kept busy running courses and painting holidays, deriving much satisfaction from bringing out talent in other people. She has also had her work published in several national magazines and now writes regularly for Leisure Painter.

Rosemary has not exhibited recently as she has concentrated all her time on teaching, but now she is established, she plans to exhibit again soon.

Painting by Rosemary Hale

"Caribbean Sunset"
18x24in, Watercolour

Painting by Rosemary Hale

"Across the Flooded Serrano, Patagonia"
27x20in, Watercolour

Lisa Ingrey  
Spalding, Lincolnshire, England





Anthony Lewis  
Swansea, Wales

Anthony Lewis was born in Wales 1942. His interest in art began at an early age whilst at  Boarding school in England. Given plenty of encouragement by his art teacher, he went on to attend `The Cardiff College of Art` 1964-68. Well travelled throughout Wales, he moved to Swansea in 1980 where he lives today.

He says  "I am fortunate to live high on a hill over looking the Bay. I see spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and ever changing seas. Also within easy reach is the Gower peninsula, declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and part of the National Trust.”

He paints using both Oil and Watercolour. Lewis is traditional in his approach, yet always aiming for fast and loose statements. He is ever mindful of past Masters, and is one of many painters conveying the `Heritage of Landscape`, helping to keep alive the spirit of painting.

Painting by Anthony Lewis

"Big Sky Over Clyne #1"
10x14in, Oil on canvas

Painting by Anthony Lewis

"Bannau Sir Gaer"
11x15in, Watercolour

Sue Mann  
Swansea, Wales





Rob Miller  
Bolton, Lancashire, England

Rob Miller is an English artist who uses strong line and colour. Rob works to capture a moment or a situation. The movement of light caused by weather or the simple pattern of nature are abstracted to create an almost reverential sense of place.
Rob works in his studio and on location in oils, acrylics and mixed media. His drawings and paintings represent a library of in-depth studies in which he links the land with references to the artists and poets who inspire him, these short pieces of script  flowing hidden within the paintings.

Painting by Rob Miller

"Spring Evening, Isle Of Harris"
Acrylic on Canvas


Painting by Rob Miller

"Bank Bottom, Sawley"
Acrylic on Canvas

Keith Salmon  
Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland

 Most of my work is based on my experiences while out walking in the Scottish Highlands.  Being visually impaired I see very little detail and experience the landscape in terms of pattern.  I see  the changing light and shade, the bright colours, the larger features and of course experience the ever changing conditions from minute to minute, hour to hour and season to season.

Winning the prestigious Jolomo Awards  2009 for Scottish Landscape Painting has allowed me to really concentrate on developing my work.

Painting by Keith Salmon

"From Beinn Inverveigh, October'"
60x60cm, Acrylic and pastel

Painting by Keith Salmon

"On Rannoch Moor"
30x30cm, Acrylic and pastel

Jim Tait  
Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland

Jim Tait was born at Baltasound on Unst, the northernmost of the Shetland Islands, in 1948, and now lives in the islands' capital, Lerwick.  From a very early age he was interested in the sea and art, and these interests developed together through the years.  After leaving high school, he attended art college, but an academic career did not attract him, and he spent most of his life in administrative work, with his painting as a profitable sideline.  Upon becoming unemployed in the late 1990s, the idea of turning a hobby into a career became suddenly more appealing, and he has been self-employed as a full-time artist since 2002.

During the years, Jim has held many exhibitions in his native islands, always of oil paintings, and usually with marine subjects as genre.  More recently, he has held exhibitions on the Scottish mainland, at venues such as Duff House, Banff, and the Creel Inn, Catterline.

Painting by Jim Tait

"Fountain, Humility, and Countess"

Painting by Jim Tait

"Lerwick Waterfront"

Annie Taylor   
Dorset, England and France

Landscape artist Annie Taylor works in oil. The drama and sensuality of two contrasting landscapes influence her work: the rugged scenery of the French Pyrenees and the soft downs of Cranbourne Chase, Dorset, England. With elements of abstraction, the paintings attempt to delve beyond a superficial impression into the spirit of each environment.

PAinting by Annie Taylor

"Hidden Depths"
100x80cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by Annie Taylor

"Le Pic du Canigou"
100x100cm, Oil on canvas



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