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Member Artists: Africa and the Middle East

GG (Gerrit) du Raan
Windhoek, Namibia

Landscape paintings done in water soluble oils mostly of Namibian and South African subjects becoming a full time passion since retirement a few years ago, with a lifetime of photography on computer now providing the inspiration for studio work. Art training is self taught and studying almost every artist that ever got into print, whenever I was fortunate enough to get hold of that publication. This way I am influenced by people such as William Russel Flint, Sargent, Terence Cuneo, Winslow Homer, Ken Howard, Wilson Hurley, and a lot of work from publications such as “Art in America”.

I consider myself fortunate in that my waking hours is a visual experience with light, form, and composition continually providing inspiration as to the greatness of Creation and everywhere the good Lord causes light and shadow. Furthermore, having been employed in the aviation industry enabled me to experience the landscape from a different perspective as well.

PAinting by GG du Raan

"Afternoon Glow, Namibia"
36x46cm, Oil on canvas

Painting by GG du Raan

"Auas Mountain Morning, Namibia"
61x76cm, Oil on canvas



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