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Welcome to Landscape Artists International. We hope you will find worthwhile information here, whether you are an art lover, a student of the arts, or an artist yourself. Using the links above, you can look through our members by region of the world or through the alphabetical listing. If you enjoy good art but have never actually bought original artwork, we encourage you to read this short essay.

World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists:

LAI teamed up with IPAP (International Plein Air Painters) to launch our first touring exhibition, which opened in June. Our 2007 tour featured works by the charter members of LAI and the signature members of IPAP. The premiere venue was at the Karpeles Museum in Newburgh, New York, USA, followed by St. Augustine Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida.

We are now putting plans in place for a showings in Manhattan and central Pennsylvania in the spring od=f 2013.

Interview with Linda Richichi and J. Baldini at the premiere opening in Newburgh click here.

Photos of the Opening Reception on the IPAP site.

The 2008 tour was expanded to a juried show open to entry by all members of both organizations. After limited tour activity during 2009, we are starting a new tour in the spring of 2013.
Read all about the tour at


Mission Statement: LAI is a collective effort by member artists from around the globe to increase the appreciation of landscape-oriented art by people of all walks of life, and to promote the careers of the member artists. The organization debuted online on June 1, 2006 with 12 charter members representing seven countries.

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We believe that the internet allows an unprecedented direct connection between the artist and the public. LAI is not a selling gallery, but seeks to help those who appreciate landscape art connect with professional artists who maintain their own web presence. We also seek to promote communication and cooperation among member artists.

Membership: Membership is granted through a jurying process and is based on the professional artistic standards and quality of web presence of the applicant. More information may be found on the "apply for membership" page.

Open Discussion Group: If you would like to join in conversation about art with participating members of LAI, we encourage you to visit our open Yahoo discussion group, Landscape Art: LAI Forum. Here, you can join the group and then pose art-related questions or begin topical discussions. Contacting an individual artist should still be done directly by email, via that artist's web site, but we hope the discussion group will prove to be a valuable interactive forum for discussions of wider interest.



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